British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS)
Support for Japanese studies in the UK

The College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ)
A nonprofit, volunteer organisation of Japanese and non-Japanese women interested in education, cross-cultural exchange, and friendship. Support for graduate study in Japan for non-Japanese women who are enrolled in graduate degree programmes at Japanese universities and for graduate study at English-speaking universities and research institutions abroad for women who are citizens or special permanent residents of Japan

Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO)
Support and information for international students wishing to study in Japan

Japanese Government ( MEXT) Scholarships for Japanese Studies
Undergraduate scholarships to Japan

Japanese Government ( MEXT) Scholarships for Postgraduate Research
Postgraduate scholarships to Japan

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Support for international scientific exchange

Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme
Japanese government’s flagship educational and cultural exchange programme

JST English Articles of Science and Technology
English language citations database of articles published in Japan in the fields of science, technology, and medicine

Meiji Jingu Japanese Studies Research Scholarships (£7,000) for any full-time MPhil or PhD programme at SOAS where the student will be working on some aspect of Japanese Studies

The Royal Society
Support for international scientific exchange

The Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures
Based in Norwich, the Institute promotes knowledge and understanding of Japanese arts and cultures

Toyota-Shi Trevelyan Trust Scholarship (
Scholarships for UK resident students pursuing a course of study / work placement in Japan. Good knowledge of the Japanese language and pursuing a course in a related field is essential.

Vulcanus in Japan
This Japan-based programme, established in 1997, is for EU students of engineering or science and consists of a four-month intensive Japanese language course and an eight-month traineeship in a Japanese company

UK-Japan related Organisations

Japan400 celebrates existing links and aims to further enrich the dialogue and the dynamic relationship between the UK and Japan

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) in London

Established in 1932, JSPS promotes the advancement of academic research in all disciplines from social sciences and humanities to natural sciences and engineering

The Japan Society
Support for educational and grassroots activity relating to Japan

The Japan-British Society
Promoting cordial relations between the UK and Japan

Japan House

The Japan Foundation
Japan’s principal organisation for promoting international cultural exchange and Japanese language teaching. The Japanese equivalent to the British Council

Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK
Promoting and extending economic relations and trade between Japan and the UK and promoting the interests of Japanese business in the UK

Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO)
Promoting mutually beneficial trade and investment between UK and Japan

Funding bodies

The Artists’ international development programme 
Early stage development opportunities for individual freelance and self employed artists based in England to spend time building links with artists, organisations and/or creative producers in another country

Canon Foundation in Europe
Support for cultural and scientific exchange between Europe and Japan

EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee
Support for ‘transnational activities of community members and artists involved in service of regional communities and social responsibility and to contribute to the development of healthy societies’.

Gen Foundation
Support for research in Japan or the UK

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
Grants for promoting Anglo-Japanese relations

Ishibashi Foundation
The two pillars of its activities are its museums, and the grant programmes (by recommendation only) which support outstanding artistic, cultural, and educational activities. Only non-profit making enterprises are supported.

John Crump Studentship (Final-stage PhD scholarship)  administered by the British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS). Financial support for postgraduate research students who are enrolled in a UK university research degree programme to assist during the final stages of the writing up period

Matsumae Foundation
Three to six month fellowships to non-Japanese nationals, under the age of 49 and with a PhD

Nomura Charitable Trust (UK)
Funding for charities that open up new opportunities for disadvantaged young people living in poverty, deprivation and high risk situations in the local communities in which the trust operates

Nomura Foundation
Grants and Scholarships for the Social Sciences and the Arts, including an Art Prize

Pola Art Foundation
This foundation’s main activities are the support of young artists, research by museum staff members, and support of activities related to international exchange in the field of art.

Toshiba International Foundation
Grants for promoting understanding of Japan through international exchanges

Toyota Foundation
The Toyota Foundation has a few different types of grants

Vulcanus in Japan
This Japan-based programme, established in 1997, is for EU students of engineering or science and consists of a four-month intensive Japanese language course and an eight-month traineeship in a Japanese company

The Wellcome Trust
Supports biomedical research and the medical humanities through a wide variety of funding schemes, including Investigator Awards, fellowships and Strategic Awards

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Travelling Fellowships to UK citizens from all walks of life to travel overseas, to bring back knowledge and best practice for the benefit of others in their UK professions and communities

Web Japan’s Grant & Aid links
Comprehensive list of Japanese grant-giving bodies

Official Bodies

Embassy of Japan, UK
Official Japanese government website in the UK

UK in Japan – Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Official website for the British Embassy

The British Council


The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO)
Information on travel to and around Japan

Visiting Arts: Japan Cultural Profile
Comprehensive English-language guide to culture in Japan aimed at both cultural professionals and the general public

News, Media and Information

Bridge to Japan
Comprehensive source of links and information on Japan from newspapers to museums to literature to universities

Japan Information Network
Japan-based source of information on Japanese society, culture, education, organisations and institutions

Web Japan
Comprehensive source of links on Japanese culture, sightseeing, society, history and nature sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and operated by a Japanese non government organisation

Gap Years in Japan

Lattitude Global Volunteering

The Project Trust

Youth for Understanding