Mino 'washi' event article in Japanese

Mino 'washi' event article in Japanese

Mr Nobuhiko Ariga, a journalist with the Chunichi Shimbun, has written an article in Japanese about Mr Satoshi Hasegawa’s recent talk at  Daiwa Foundation Japan House: The Appeal of Mino Washi.  In the article, Mr Ariga reported that Mr Hasegawa had extolled the wonders and beauty of Mino washi (a style of Japanese paper from Mino City) to a captive UK-based audience. This popular event attracted approximately 100 people, including a number of artists as well as staff from museums and galleries including the British Museum and the Tate Modern.

Mr Hasegawa supplied the Ruthin Craft Centre in Wales with Mino washi for one of its exhibition spaces for the duration of Japanese Style: Sustaining Design, a three-month season of exhibitions running until 10 June.

Mr Kazuyoshi Kano, Vice Mayor of Mino City and Mr Akira Watanabe, Executive Director, Department of Industry Promotion, Mino City attended the Japanese season’s opening in late March and took the opportunity to visit London and Daiwa Foundation Japan House with Mr Hasegawa.

You can read Mr Ariga’s article in Japanese here.

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Published on Thu 5 Apr 2012

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